Monday, November 9, 2009


Hey everyone!

So, I decided I wanted to write a little bit about one huge aspect of sorority life--slating. Slating is the process by which sororities select officers for the following year. Each sorority has a different set up--for example, Tri Delta has 24 officer positions and 26 officers (social and philanthropy chairs both have two girls), while most other sororities typically have no more then ten (we are definitely the odd (wo)man out). Alpha Chi Omega, for example, has eleven officers, and Sigma Delta Tau has eight! Though every sorority has a slightly different process and result, the basic foundation is the same. Something important to note: slating is VERY different from elections because girls aren't allowed to promote themselves! (THINK: no obnoxious signs, slogans, buttons, or way-too-catchy songs.)

Slating occurs at any point in the semester; typically October or November. Some examples: AXO was the first sorority to complete the process this year, Tri Delta voted to pass our slate this past Sunday, Chi Omega finished last night, and Sigma Kappa is still wrapping things up.

So, although each sorority's method of slating differs (like I've said, sorry to be repetitive!), I thought it would be interesting for everyone to read about how Tri Delta specifically slates officers, just so you can get a feel for the process:

On the actual night of slating, each pledge class gets together and separately nominates girls for every single position. While the nominees individually step out of the room, they are "pro-conned" by the other girls. An example of a pro would be, "Sally is really organized," while a con is something like, "Sally is really busy with other commitments on campus." (Believe it or not, pros and cons do NOT relate to silly, artificial things. "Sally is sexy"...not so great of a pro. This is serious stuff, people). After this, everyone would vote per position. This can sometimes take a while. Sometimes, slating for the babies (sophomore pledge class) can last hours into the night.

However, the results of the voting and even the nominations themselves do not determine who ends up on the slate. The slate is ultimately determined by the Nomination Committee, i.e. Nom Com. Nom Com consists of the chapter president and two girls from each pledge class. Once Nom Com picks the slate (this year, Tri Delta's Nom Com spent over ten hours deliberating!), the slate is announced. Then, girls have 24 hours to deny a position or call in and propose a change for any of the positions. The following chapter, the sisters vote to pass the slate.

That's slating for you in a nutshell. It's a well thought-out process and places important emphasis on the fact that the "position seeks the girl." We aren't allowed to promote ourselves or campaign, it's all about the fit and what is best for the sorority as a whole. It's sad, because come January, I have to leave my position as Philanthropy chair, though I am passing it on to very capable hands. Next year, I have been slated for the position of Vice President of Membership, AKA Rush Chair. And I can't wait!

Please feel free to ask any questions about the process. It's confusing, but a huge part of sorority life. Slating is what determines the leaders of each sorority on campus, and therefore, the success of Panhel as a grander entity.



P.S. This friday is our annual WOODSER. And yes, it sounds like what it means. A date party in the woods. Can't wait to blog about it.


  1. This is so interesting! Phi Sig hold elections (sans annoying campaigns) and the whole chapter gets to vote. I didn't realize other chapters used slates.

  2. "Insightful" is the perfect word to describe this wonderful writing of yours. The artistic blend of this subject with your tone of writing made this a great read. Much love 😘.
    Carpal Bones